From local landscapes to portraits, and everything in between, Grimsby is home to many incredibly talented artists. Discover them here.

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Whether you’re looking for a little self care, a treat for the kids or a gift for loved ones, we have a range of businesses selling everything from cosmetics to solid shampoo.

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Art & Craft Supplies

Arts & Crafts…

Do you need to keep the kids entertained, or want to keep up your favourite hobby? Check out these suppliers of arts, crafts and other activities.

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Whether you’re looking for some casual everyday wear, something for wedding or even a special occasion, you will find a variety of shops selling clothing, hats and other accessories.

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If you have a sweet tooth or a love for things savoury, Grimsby is thriving with it’s world-famous fishy goodness, alongside bakers and shakers offering everything from donuts and cakes to sauces.

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Are you into films? Gaming? Comics? Whatever your fandom, our retailers and makers have lots of goodies, from figurines to prints.

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Shopping for birthdays, leaving presents, Christmas or just something to treat yourself or a friend? There are lots of creative and unique gift ideas from wax melts to crochet pieces and ceramics.

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Greeting Cards…

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, the arrival of a new family member, the union of two friends or just want to tell someone you care, our local makers have the perfect cards to suit all occasions, tastes and budgets.

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Home Decor

Home Decor…

A house feels like a home when you add your personal touches that reflect your tastes, and your makers have everything you need to create the perfect space.

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Bold, statement necklaces and simple, classic rings, find jewellery that has been handcrafted by an array of local crafters.

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Parent & Child

Parent & Child…

Crayons for the artists, crochet toys for something a little different, handmade clothing and classes to keep your little ones busy.

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Give your pets a real treat with rawhide-free chews, collars, bandanas and truly spoil your little furry friends from Grimsby’s finest pet lovers.

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Plants & Flowers

Plants & Flowers…

Roses for your partner, cacti for your budding living room garden, wreaths for your loved ones and bouquets for your big day.

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