Social Media Advert



Launching a new product, a new service or an event? Or maybe you just want to raise awareness about your business.


With a Social Media Advert on Made in Grimsby, you will reach 1800+ people on Instagram and 460+ people on Facebook.

My audience is based in Grimsby, Cleethorpes and surrounding areas. It is predominantly female aged between 25 and 44, and all of my audience is interested in supporting local businesses wherever possible.

Advert will be shared once on both Instagram and Facebook, unless agreed in advance. It will feature as both a post and a story. Future adverts must be different for each occurrence. I will not share an advert more than once, so as to maintain the authenticity of my platform.

Please do not purchase another advert that has appeared on Made in Grimsby once.

All Adverts will be marked as such, as per ASA regulations.