Made in Grimsby Mug


Are you proud of the fact you were Made in Grimsby? Of course you are, Grimsby is a really fantastic place that is rich in history and full of amazing people. The Made in Grimsby Mug is the ultimate way to tell the world who you are and where you are from.

Display it proudly on your desk at work, gift it to your favourite Grimbarian in your life.

The mug is available in two options:

Completely White. This is the traditional, original mug design that has always been available. Perfect if you love seeing the natural stain of your builders tea…it’s okay if that’s you, we are definitely not here to judge 😉

Yellow Interior and Handle. The newer version of the mug has proven to be incredibly popular and adds a bit of character to the original mug.

The Made in Grimsby logo features identically on both Made in Grimsby mug styles.