£50.00 / month

Suitable for: Small businesses that are seeing growth but would like an extra boost with their online visibility


Listing in the Directory

  • Business Name

  • Detailed Description

  • Logo

  • Business Address and Map (if applicable)

  • Business Phone Number

  • Business Email Address

  • Website Link (SEO Friendly)

  • Social Media Links

  • Limitless Events in Event Calendar and on your Listing

  • Photo Gallery

  • Limitless Job Adverts

  • Opening Hours

  • Business Tags


Intro on Social Media

Social Media mentions when MIG is tagged (Top Priority)

Meet the Maker interview

Intro to the Maker blog post

Weekly Social Media updates of what you have been up to

Monthly Email

Networking Priority

Welcome Pack

Diagnostic Report on your Online Visibility at the beginning of your membership, at 6 months and at 12 months

Add Events to the Calendar as you need

Guarantee of at least one-month advert on the Homepage in any 12-month period

Guarantee of at least one-month category page advert in any 12-month period.

If upgrading from another package, instead of an Intro on Social Media, you will be eligible for a blog post feature relating to your business.


Gold is for when you’re ready to take control of your online presence. Discover your online visibility with a Diagnostics Report and find out how you can improve it. We will check in with this after 6 months and again at 12 months.

Promote events that are relevant to your audience, with the allowance to put as many events as you want into the MIG Events Calendar. I’ll also help to promote your events.

Network with like-minded individuals and build valid connections. At this stage, you’ll be ready for ads on the main page and category pages to promote your ongoing awesome.

I’ll dedicate a post every week to what amazing stuff you’re up to.

If you’re upgrading from a previous package, you will get a blog post feature relating to your business.